What’s Junktown?

21. – 24. 6. 2018 RZ Bratronice

Post-apocalyptic festival built by fans for fans reopens its doors! Junktown is the fulfillment of our postapocalyptic dreams, passionate tribute to the cult of Fallout and Mad Max, our attempt to create czech equivalent of the Wasteland Weekend. It’s deviance and treatment in one.

Four days full of concerts, projections, larps, workshops and indescribable experiences, located on former missile base twelve hectares large. Junktown’s motto was “by fans for fans” from the very beginning. It was founded by creative group of organizers of festivals, concerts, summer camps and larps, who are connected together by their shared enthusiasm for “postapo”, i.e. post-apocalyptic art, literature, movies and games. Registered visitors can find detailed information about program of this year in Member section.


Junktown is not another of an endless series of summer festivals whose organizers desire to get as many visitors as possible. The city’s capacities are limited and the gates open to all who are willing to participate in the preparation and program of our spectacular celebration of the fan community.

All visitors must be over 18 years of age, no exceptions!
Full text of the Event Rules: HERE
General Terms and References: HERE

How can you reach the Junktown gates?

1) Buy regular tickets online (clickfest).

Every year we release some of the places for classic visitors who cannot participate in preparations for various reasons. However, given the limited capacities and the experience of the previous years, we must warn all those interested that these tickets are disappearing in seconds.

The first online clickfest wave will take place April 19th at 20:00 at this link.
At that minute, be on the mark, it’s a real apocalypse.

2) Archiboss (post-apocalyptic noble).

These tickets are based on the crowdfunfing principle “Give More, Get More”.
With a larger amount of many devoted to preparing the festival, Arciboss will get a number of benefits such as a pack of souvenirs, access to closed workshops, or a comfortable chair in a post-apocalyptic cinema.

The Archiboss tickets will be available from 19.4. for a price of 3900CZK / 155EUR at this link.

3) Participate as a tribe.

Tribe registrations run annually 5 months before the festival itself. The registration process is limited to one month and under conditions of Junktown Festival Tribal Rules, which together with the registration form are posted on our Facebook.

Tribe registrations for 2018 are already closed.

4) Offer material or craftsmanship help.

Write to junktown@email.cz or our Facebook page.

Required material: scaffolding, corrugated sheets, beams, planks and pallets (in large quantities, tens to hundreds).

Required services: large truck and truck drivers, art smith-welder for installations from scrap, printer (possibility to print stickers, A1 and bigger posters), screen printing (production of t-shirts, patches), graffiti creators (with an interest in post-apocalyptic themes).



Festival management junktown@email.cz
Administration of the Bratronice missile base zakladnabratronice@gmail.com
Manufacturers, sellers, artists market.junktown@email.cz
Registration of post-apocalyptic cars (not civil ones) kary.junktown@email.cz
Bands, performers line-up for this year is closed!
Questions about registration registrace@junktown.eu
Media junktown@email.cz

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