What’s Junktown?

20. – 23. 6. 2019 RZ Bratronice

Post-apocalyptic festival built by fans for fans reopens its doors! Junktown is the fulfillment of our postapocalyptic dreams, passionate tribute to the cult of Fallout and Mad Max, our attempt to create czech equivalent of the Wasteland Weekend. It’s deviance and treatment in one.

Four days full of concerts, projections, larps, workshops and indescribable experiences, located on former missile base twelve hectares large. Junktown’s motto has always been “by fans for fans” from the very beginning. It was founded by creative group of organizers of festivals, concerts, summer camps and larps, who are connected together by their shared enthusiasm for “postapo”, i.e. post-apocalyptic art, literature, movies and games. Registered visitors can find detailed information about program of this year in Member section.

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What to expect of Junktown 2019?

Never walked through our gates and don’t know what to expect?
First of all – a four days long, massive farewell to the civil world outside. 11 of 10 postapo fans declare, that once you enter, it’s very hard to get back. Junktown offers a whole galaxy of bizarre experience and encounters, with scenery far beyond the end of the world.

Are you a passive visitor, who like to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere?

Then just choose from any part of our extensive program, including gigs from classical music to rocknroll, blackmetal or dance music. Did you come to Junktown mainly because of your love for postapo movies? Great! Visit our underground cinema, where you can enjoy both blockbusters and fan-made PA cinema (subtitles included), together with interesting thematic lectures.
Are you a performance fan? Only need to find the right bunker, where dance displays take place. More into action and fire? Wait until you see the main fireshow that has been rehearsed for months.
Too much rush? Chill down in postapo tea room or play one of the board games in our playroom. Or just relax with a drink in one of our special sceneries like postapo/western Square, Radioactive swamp of love, small church on Atomhill or inside the funeral zone of Golgotha.

Do you prefer action instead?

Cool! We’ve got so much program for you, that even when you would split yourself in pieces you still could not live it all! You can start with tuning your costume with our design specialists around, then put down couple of targets in the shooting range, try bounty hunting, spend bottlecaps in Casino, get into fight in Arena, play the horrifying “Furnace room” escape game, pray at the Atomic church service, ride one our many Mad Max-like vehicles, get a new mohawk haircut, find one of the hidden locations, try an exotic bug recipe and if you still have some time left, wander around in one of many tribe camps, where all kinds of unexpected experience is ready for you. Just to name a few – DIY junk-drums jamming, body tunning, planning your own funeral and the list goes on and on!

Phhheeeowww…Can you really catch all that? Yep! Only need to arrive on thursday afternoon and then while there, try your best to get rid of your hangovers really early in the morning.