Frequently asked questions

Did we forget something? Might be… or you might find the answer here!

If the FAQ does not answer your question let us know via FB or junktown@email.cz. Or try Information.

Do I have to wear a costume?

Yes, this year only those wearing a costume will be permitted to enter the gates of Junktown including all the visitors, performers and those who provide assistance. Would you really want to watch Mad MAx or play Fallout if there were people wearing a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt? No? You are right my friend! We went to hell and back to make this happen and to make you feel the the atmosphere of post apocalyptic world and pay a tribute to the creators of the above mentioned. Please join us in making this experience even greater. It is you who fill Junktown with life, who make it breath and move. It does not take much. Just dig through your closet for some old clothes add some rusty details and there you go! To give you some inspiration for a basic yet stylish costume, we created this tutorial. Please feel free to get inspired it does not take much:


Do I have to wear a costume if I am a photographer / assisting / a random chick/dude number 42?

Yes, this year only those wearing a costume will be granted the permision to enter Junktown.

Is the capacity already full? I have a friend who would like to come.

You can still get a ticket to Junktown by providing material or giving us a hand during the preparations (get in touch via FB or junktown@email.cz), or by buying a standard ticket during the online clickfest. Anyway follow us on FB for more information.  At the end of May the list of registered participants will be closed and that is that! You will not get behind the gates of Junktown without a aproved and payed registration. There are no tickets on spot. The registration of performers, bands and Tribes are closed.

Can I bring a sibling/child/friend under 18?

No. Only 18 and above – no exceptions!

Why is the capacity of the festival limited?

Not only is there a number of area specific rules (for example the fact that it is a part of nature reserve) but we also want make your experience in Junktown unique, friendly and not overcrowded. We do not want to be just another summer festival. We want to be a place for postapo enthusiasts to meet and have a good time.

Can I bring weapons?

Weapons are an integral part of the postapocalyptic world, ANYWAY… the festival is not an airsoft battle, nor a wild LARP battle, where you hit all that moves. It’s an event where weapons are used during photo shoots, parts of the costume or (if approved in advace) as a part of the program such as in Arena.

It is forbidden – without any exceptions – to bring real deal guns, sharp ammunition, pyrotechnics, explosives, harmful objects and substances, flame producing objects. Airsoft and paintball guns are allowed as parts of costume but the ammunition stays at home. More HERE.

Not coming by your own car? Other transport options?


  1. Use our bus Praha Zličín – Junktown and back on sunday. Reservation will open in May, info in the News section. You will avoid the parking fee, you will not damage your car on the bad roads and you will not add any scratches to your collection, no need to wait to get solber on sunday or get lost on the way. And a bonus: You will get to know many fellow wasteland scumbags. BUS TICKETS ARE FREE!
  2. Use public transport. At idos.cz look for the “Bratronice, rest.” or “Bratronice, ObÚ” stops BEWARE! “Bratronice, Dolní Bezděkov” stop is 3km further, it’s a trap! From Prague (Praha) it’s with a transfer about hour and a bit. There is also a direct bus from metro Hradčanská once a day. Be early to secure your spot on the bus. Train is an option as well. The closest stop is Nižbor. (13 minutes from Beroun, 54 minuts from Prague).
  3. Use car sharing. Save money, petrol, share some stories. And save on the parking fee. A link to a facebook event will be available on our facebook.

Food and drinks at the festival, shall I bring my own?

No need. Our Junktown facilities will take care about your stomach. There will be tanks with drinking water and lots of food, drinks prepared by our volunteers and by drinking and eating with us you will support further development of the base. Every beer means a few Crowns to support our building effort. We improve our porfolio every year and work on making our foods and drinks crew more profesional.

Vegetarian/Vegan food?

Sure. We will serve it.

What not to forget to bring along?

Good mood 🙂 Torch! ID card, health insurance card, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, we recommend a bowl and mug. Cash. Food and drink will be supplied by the many bars and kitchen. If you are a smoker bring enough of your own. The closest gas station is far far away. Powerbank to charge your phone, there is a limited amount of sockets in the wasteland. 😉

Items not allowed in Junktown:

Guns of all kinds, pyrotechnics and other dangerous substances. Also, please, leave at home electronics like cattles, hair straightener, there is not enough electric sockets in the area. Our kitchen and bar will take care about all your needs.
Do not bring any personal radio stations or transmitters. You could disrupt the communication of our rescue system and important organizational channels of the festival. Also animals of any kind and sound systems are forbidden inside the area. 

Will there be toilets and showers and stuff?

Toilets – definitely. We are building a few wooden toilets for you and we will provide some mobile toilets. There will be a washplace ouside the Motel Junktown and we are working on a shower. You can also brush your teeth at 2 drinking water tanks at “Náměstí” and “Plácek”. Do not forget that fresh water is precious so do not waste it. If we see anyone wasting it on a private pond we will kick you out and you can die in the wasteland of thirst.

Is there somewhere to cool down with some water around?

Unfortunately there is no pond lake nor a river near the Bratronice base.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Please leave your pets with a designated XXX(add the type of animal that shares your lifes’ path)sitter. There were astronomical fines for every dog shit in the past and we want to avoid any inconveniences with the owner of the premises. Children and other creatures under 18 must stay home to.

Can I take pictures?

Yes. We will be more than happy to have pictures from an event that took so long to prepare. There is only one think… after a negative experience from previous years we had to come up with some rules. If you want to publicize your pictures, write or shoot a report, please let us know via junktown@email.cz, the full set of rules can be found here. Please do not take pictures of those who do not wish to be caught on film and look after your belongings. In the Motel Junktown there are a few functioning sockets so you can charge your stuff, if you manage to find an unoccupied one.

Are you looking for a photographer, a DJ or a band?

We have already closed accreditation for our photographers, the line up is also full. If you are interested in a gig at the rocket base during the year let us know via junktown@email.cz. We plan to organize a few more (smaller) parties. If you are interested to play in an underground bunker at a LARP afterparty, a big celebration or at a weekend brigade.

Me and my friends have an awesome soundsystem. Can we bring it to Junktown?

No. We try to not disturb the surrounding villagers and the outdoors production will be very limited. The vilegers fromaround have a bad experience with loud sound systems and we would like to keep their torches burning low. Worry not the electro will be supplied by the SPAD stage. Inside a lot of noise and ouside hopefully calm enough to enable a good sleep.

What if I ?! get my vacation canceled, break a head etc…

Then you have the possibility to transfer (only once) your ticket to another person. For details see General terms and references.